For the first time in almost fifty years, there won’t be any Lotts living on Hambaugh Terrace. In 1969, our parents took a risky plunge and moved into a big but well-used house, situated on an unpaved and dusty dead-end road. It’s going to be a sad day indeed when my brother Greg steps into the cab of his fully-loaded, 1983 Trailways passenger bus this September. As he waves goodbye for the last time, he will depart on a long journey to Alaska, leaving behind nothing but decades of memories - and the neighbors choking on white clouds of exhaust fumes.

eagle-bus-front-view Trailways Eagle Custom Passenger Bus

My brother Greg has spoken before of someday moving to Alaska, which I always took to be a pipe dream. To my surprise, dream became reality a few weeks ago. Needless to say, he is swamped with moving preparations, so I have appointed myself Chief Scribe and Chronicler of the “2018 Great Alaska Getaway”. In these pages, I will document the trip with words, pictures, website links, etc., so friends and family can follow his progress. That said, Greg won’t be living in a vacuum, nor an igloo. He will have telephone and internet access throughout the majority of his journey, and can be contacted directly by friends and family (no enemies, please) if the situation warrants.

alaska-state-map The State of Alaska