Banner photo today is a Sinclair gas station in Missouri

Today’s excitement involved Eagle 83’s main propulsion system, and the Tundra Excursion Module (TEM). Don’t worry, our brave crew is doing fine. Eagle 83 began making noises which were initially diagnosed as a loose fan belt. When adjusting the fan belt didn’t help, the services of a propulsion system engineer were secured around lunch time. The problem was simple once diagnosed, part of the environmental system was damaged and making the noise: specifically, the air conditioner. This was one sub-system that was NOT serviced before launch, since the crew didn’t plan on using it en-route or in Alaska. In quick order, the air conditioner was disconnected from the main engine and all systems are back to normal.

day3-repairs Capt. Greg Repairing Eagle 83

Alas, a second problem arose in Samurai, the TEM. In their excitement over solving the air conditioner noise, the crew skipped the next scheduled TEM service, resulting in a possible transmission problem. As a result of dumb luck excellent pre-launch planning, a TEM transmission specialist is located across the street from the crew’s overnight location in Mitchell, SD. TEM repairs should be completed tomorrow, and Samurai will once again dock with Eagle 83 and the mission will resume.

The Route

Today’s travels took Eagle 83 mainly north along I29, where they travelled along the border between Missouri and Kansas, then Iowa and Nebraska. Upon reaching Sioux Falls, South Dakota , they turned westward onto I90 until arrival at Mitchell, South Dakota, home of the famous Corn Palace.

Day Three Statistics

From Rock Port, Missouri
To Mitchell, South Dakota
Departure 10:00 am
Break 2 hr
Arrival 6:30 pm
Duration 6 hr 30 min
Distance 320 mi / 515 km
Daily Speed 50 mph / 80 kph

Cumulative Statistics

From Homewood Alabama
To Mitchell, South Dakota
Duration 24 hr 50 min
Distance 1170 mi / 1885 km
Trip Speed 47 mph / 76 kph