Banner photo today is the Thunderbird Lodge in Mitchell

Today’s lack of excitement centered around the Samurai TEM. Captain Greg found and befriended two locals, Paul and Randy. These guys are the local mechanics, have their own private junkyards, and also serve as the community’s grave diggers and tombstone makers. In quick order, they determined that the transmission system was just fine, but the problem part was a brake drum. This had nothing to do with towing the TEM, nor with the expedition. Rather, this problem had existed on the Samurai for some time undetected. They searched their well-stocked junk yards for another brake drum, but were not successful. Therefore, the duo must overnight again in Mitchell until the auto parts store opens at 8am Monday morning.

In the meantime, Alex took a spin on the local jackelope, and Paul & Randy contacted the restaurant next to the Thunderbird Lodge and told them to play the Alabama football game for the Eagle 83 crew. If time permits, they may visit the Corn Palace tomorrow while the brake drum is being installed. If all goes well, knock on wood, Eagle 83 could be back on course by noon Monday.

day4-jackelope BusCom Alex demonstrating his Jackelope riding skills

The Route and Statistics

Obviously, no route and no statistics to report today.