The needed part for the Samurai was ordered this morning at 8am. It will arrive tomorrow, so the expedition must orbit on more day in Mitchell. As for today’s activities, the reader can choose from the following three options:

  1. To relieve boredom and earn some pocket money, Greg and Alex went to work for Paul and Randy today digging graves and making tombstones. They also helped dig two large holes at the grave yard, which they are told will be used to bury the leftover parts from the repair tomorrow. At the end of the day, Paul and Randy were so kind as to make souvenirs. Each crew member received a small obelisk, etched with their name, birth date, and the date of their visit to Mitchell South Dakota. It lovely how friendly the people in small towns can be.

  2. With the Samurai in the shop, they decided to take the bus to visit the Corn Palace. After their tour, while pulling away in the parking lot, a huge backfire belched from the tail pipe of Eagle 83. This set the entire Corn Palace afire.
    They quickly drove off, amazed that the pleasant smells and sounds of popping corn were evident all the way back at the Thunderbird Lodge.

  3. The crew did absolutely nothing all day except watch television, read books, and eat pizza.

The Route and Statistics

Obviously, no route and no statistics to report today.