Today the crew made good progress, despite passing briefly through a space-time warp, which took Eagle 83 back into the late Jurassic period.

day7-into-the-mist Eagle 83 approaching the space-time warp

Dangers lurked all around, wild and unfamiliar creatures appearing out of the mist with no warning. Fortunately the crew performed flawlessly. They had trained for just this scenario, having anticipated the possibility of being sucked back into various geologic time epochs by unexpected space-time portals.

The only close call was having to outrun an angry Brontosaurus, who mistook the expedition for dinner.

day7-dinos Outrunning a Brontosaurus

The Route

Today’s route was simple, it just followed I90 all day across the state of South Dakota, through Rapid City and Sturgis. Then around the northern boundary of the Black Hills, and finally stopping in Moorcroft, Wyoming to eat and sleep.

I can’t think of the Black Hills without a hat tip to Rocky Racoon:

Now somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota
There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon…

Alternative Facts

To those unimaginative readers who doubt the veracity of the above story, I offer a more believable, but false, explanation herein. The bus encountered a lot of fog and rain today, giving the appearance of a space-time portal. The brontosaurus wasn’t really chasing them, but rather it was a fifty ton, eighty foot concrete dinosaur constructed in 1967 to attract thirsty tourists. That’s crazy, right? A space-time portal is a much more likely explanation.

Wall Drugs and Wall Drugs on Wikipedia.

Day Seven Statistics

From Oacoma, South Dakota
To Moorcroft, Wyoming
Departure 10:00 am
Arrival 4:00 pm
Duration 7 hr
Distance 315 mi / 500 km
Daily Speed 45 mph / 72 kph