Today Eagle 83 encountered the first snow storm of the mission; indeed, the first seasonal snowstorm in this region of the galaxy. Captain Greg maintained a lower-than-planned velocity vector due to the intense intergalactic winds. Fortunately by nightfall, the storm has subsided and things are back to normal.

Environmental controls in the command module failed to provide sufficient heating today, so the crew has unpacked their warm EVA suits for the drive tomorrow. Repair instructions from Command Post Kimchi will be uploaded to Eagle 83 soon, hopefully solving this issue.

The crew has fallen in love with a local franchise restaurant Tim Hortons, which they say is a cross between Starbucks and Chick-fil-A. Daily caloric requirements thus satisfied, the crew awaits another adventure tomorrow.

The Route

d10-elevation-profile Day ten, route elevation profile

Today the route continued north on Alberta Highway 4. They cut west through the town of Lethbridge, Alberta, and joined Alberta Highway 2 for the rest of today’s journey. They passed through Calgary, Alberta before arriving at tonight’s waypoint, Innisfail, Alberta.

Day Ten Statistics

From Milk River, Alberta
To Innisfail, Alberta
Departure 10:30 am
Arrival 5:30 pm
Duration 7 hr
Distance 255 mi / 410 km
Daily Speed 36 mph / 58 kph