Today’s journey was almost boring, and boring is good when you’re travelling in a 35-year-old vehicle. Environmental controls were restored, and heat is now available in abundance. The crew made good time today, arriving to bivouac in Valleyview, Alberta.

d11-edmonton-snow Snow in Edmonton

d11-found-money BusCom Alex found some Monopoly money

d11-sky-and-trestle Trestle Bridge Ahead

d11-edmonton-trestle Sure Hope We Fit Under

The Route

d11-elevation Day eleven, route elevation profile

Today the route continued north on Alberta Highway 2 to the capital city of Edmonton, Alberta. There they proceeded a short distance west along Alberta Highway 16, part of the Trans-Canada Highway System. They turned northwest onto Alberta Highway 43, bringing them to Valleyview, Alberta, their destination on this eleventh day of the journey.

Day Eleven Statistics

From Innisfail, Alberta
To Valleyview, Alberta,
Departure 10:00 am
Arrival 6:00 pm
Duration 8 hr
Distance 330 mi / 530 km
Daily Speed 41 mph / 66 kph