Banner photo is of scenic British Columbia

The expedition encountered a 10% steep grade as they descended into the Peace River valley. The skilled crew and their robust craft successfully navigated this hazardous region of space, although this meant maintaining a lower velocity vector than called out on the mission profile. Crew arrived safely in Pink Mountain, British Columbia to overnight.

d12-steep-grade-ahead Steep grades ahead

d12-brake-advisory Check your brakes - they’re serious

d12-downhill-3 It’s steeper than it looks

d12-peace-river3 Peace River

d12-peace-river4 Peace River

d12-uphill-2 Going up the hill

d12-british-columbia-sky Beautiful scenery in British Columbia

d12-sunset British Columbia sunset

d12-buffalo-inn-creature The innkeeper in Pink Mountain, strange but pleasant

d12-buffalo-inn-head2 This what happens to guests who don’t pay their bill

The Route

d12-elevation Day twelve, route elevation profile

Today the route continued west along Alberta Highway 43 through Grande Prairie, Alberta and Dawson Creek, British Columbia, where they turned onto British Columbia Highway 97 proceeding northwest to their destination, Pink Mountain, British Columbia.

Day Twelve Statistics

From Valleyview, Alberta
To Pink Mountain, BC
Departure 10:00 am
Arrival 6:00 pm
Duration 8 hr
Distance 290 mi / 465 km
Daily Speed 36 mph / 58 kph