EDITED, additional photos

Banner photo from the crew observation deck at Toad River Lodge

Today’s trip took Eagle 93 through a protected galaxy, known as Muskwa-Kechika, or M-K for short ( here is a map of the M-K galaxy ). Travel through M-K is prohibited, except for the narrow Alaska Highway corridor reserved for ships traversing the galaxy. The Eagle 83 and crew successfully navigated the M-K corridor, passing by several planetary systems of interest:

The crew also encountered a variety of local species, including moose and elk. One alien elk tried to block the passage of Eagle 83. Fortunately, as communications officer, BusCom Alex speaks fluent Wapiti and was able to warn the alien of the consequences of greeting a 30-ton vehicle moving at 40 mph.

d13b-airport An Airport!

d13b-aliens-1 Encountering alien species











The crew made it to the Toad River Lodge located in Toad River, British Columbia to complete day thirteen of the mision.

The Route

d13-elevation Day thirteen, route elevation profile

Today’s route was entirely along British Columbia Highway 97. They first went north to Fort Nelson, British Columbia, then turned west, going to Toad River, British Columbia. Speed was slow due to restrictions when navigating the corridor within protected galaxy M-K.

Day Thirteen Statistics

From Pink Mountain, BC
To Toad River, British Columbia
Departure 9:00 am
Break 1 hr
Arrival 6:00 pm
Duration 8 hr
Distance 260 mi / 420 km
Daily Speed 32 mph / 52 kph