Eagle 93 completed their traversal of galaxy Muskwa-Kechika, passing through one final planetary system, Muncho Lake.





The crew encountered additional local species today, including black bears and bison, but safely made it to Watson Lake, Yukon Territory for resting overnight. Today they passed the 80% mark in the journey, and the end of the trip is well in sight.

d14-bison-invasion Eagle 83 prevailed against a surprise Bison ambush

The Route

d14-elevation Day fourteen, route elevation profile

Today’s route continued entirely along British Columbia Highway 97, ending the day at Watson Lake, Yukon Territory.

Day Fourteen Statistics

From Toad River, British Columbia
To Watson Lake, Yukon Territory.
Departure 9:00 am
Arrival 4:00 pm
Duration 6 hr
Distance 200 mi / 325 km
Daily Speed 34 mph / 54 kph