EDIT: Photos added below

No details or photos from today, as Eagle 83 entered a communications blackout as they went around the far side of planet Aishihik (pronounced like “big-fat-solid-rock”). Before entering the shadow of Aishihik, the crew communicated their progress, and will overnight at Haines Junction, Yukon Territory. Hopefully photos and details will be added to this post tomorrow when the crew re-establishes communications.

d15-clear-skies Clear Skies

d15-fog-ahead Fog Ahead

d15-power-pole-mountain Trees, Mountains, and Snow

d15-snow-on-the-mountains Snow-capped mountains seen via poultry-manure-coated windshield

d15-teslin-river Teslin River

It is not inconceivable that the crew will arrive in Glennallen tomorrow, but certainly they can cross the Alaskan border and get to Tok. The travelling portion of the journey is finally winding down!

Stay tuned for weather data tomorrow. I have accumulated the data, just pondering how best to present it

The Route

d15-elevation Day fifteen, route elevation profile

Today’s route began on Yukon Highway 1, which is part of the Alaskan Highway. They continued on Highway 1 until arriving at Haines Junction, Yukon Territory.

Day Fifteen Statistics

From Watson Lake, Yukon Territory
To Haines Junction, Yukon Territory
Departure 10:00 am
Break 30 min
Arrival 7:00 pm
Duration 8 hr 30 min
Distance 370 mi / 590 km
Daily Speed 43 mph / 69 kph